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The “Bach Theatre Company’s” unique style of small & intimate live stage productions that resemble “Film Noir,” was created in Newport Beach Ca in 1978 by Director Gregory Bach & his Producing & Music Director partner Robb Capielo.


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I liked it better than the The Lamppost Reunion by Louis La Russo Broadway Production.

Al Pacino

I learned commitment and passion from Greg Bach.

Kevin Costner, Actor/Director

4 years in film school and I’ve never heard anything like this!

Cullen Metcalf-Kelly, Director

Greg. There are so many gifts you taught me, and one has never left my soul, ‘True artists have to be willing to risk it all for creativity.

C, Scott Waugh, Director, “Act of Valor,” “Need For Speed,” “6 Below”

No time is wasted in Greg’s private sessions. Straight answers are given and the results are presented for those who are passionate. The way to improve is to do it and his sessions significantly helped me.

Jason Nguyen, Private Student