About Us

Gregory BachThe Bach Theatre Company President is Gregory Bach. He has trained personally with Sal Dano and some of the most respected acting teachers in the country. He is a lifetime member of The Screen Actors Guild and has been teaching his own Acting Workshop / Acting Classes (as well as private instruction) in the Los Angeles area for over 30 years.

During my years of “Directing and Coaching” actors, it became obvious to me that actors are more “Athletes” than they are “Artists.” I also believe they should be  trained how “World Class Athletes” train, not by a “Teacher,” but by a “Coach,” who will bring them to the “Edge of Their Ability,” through the repetition of “Making Mistakes.” This will eliminate the “Fear of Failure” creating “Focus” the very essence of “Self-Confidence” triggering  “Being Audition Ready” and most importantly, “Being Director Ready.”

“The “Good” actor is one who possesses “Self-Confidence,” the “Great” actor is one who is “Aggressive” with that “Self-Confidence,” the “Genius” is one who “Backs It Up.”

Gregory Bach has also appeared recently on the TV series “Castle” and “Criminal Minds” as well as numerous television commercials including, “American Airlines,” “Toy-R-Us” and many others.  He has eleven “Drama Logue Awards, to his credit.