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Bus Riley's Back in Town

by William Inge


Come visit with us to a small Texas town in 1958 in a run down hotel and Mexican Cantina where the past meets the present and the uncertain future for two tragic figures who once captured the precious gift of Youth…”Young Love”

This story takes place in the Fiesta Room of a rundown old hotel somewhere in a small town in Texas. The Fiesta Room is the only bar in the hotel and as a bar not a very satisfactory one, permitted to sell only beer.

It is early evening and unusually hot for October, it is 1958, the bar is quiet and empty, that is not unusual, but things will soon change.

“A subtle glance, a small gesture is all it takes to capture one’s attention to the innocence of what is real and nowhere or from no one except the inner-innocence and beauty of the FEMALE does this exist.”

“Bus Riley’s Back in Town” is about a Young Woman trapped in time and desperately clinging to the past, her only salvation is  DANCING. Where does she find this salvation? From a young Sailor who was once her childhood sweetheart.

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