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Bach Theatre Company
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 by Bruce Trinkley
Name of Play: Bus Riley's Back in Town

Congratulations to you and the fine cast on a lovely production of the Inge play tonight. I was especially impressed by the very sensitive portrayals of the two leads. Thank you for a lovely evening of theatre. I thoroughly enjoyed the production and the fine work by everyone.

 by Sonja Cramer
Name of Play: Bus Riley's Back in Town

What a fun evening! This was a great performance by all involved, and so personal and intimate! With only TWELVE seats total, you feel as if you are patrons in the bar witnessing what is going on, which is the setting for this one-act, 45 minute play. The acting was superb, and thoroughly enjoyed the Q&A afterward with the director/owner and the actors. I’ll be back!

 by Nancy
Name of Play: Bus Riley's Back in Town

Loved this intimate theatre experience. Wonderful actors; they just seemed like the real characters they portrayed. Great set made you feel like you were in a Texas bar. Can’t wait for the next production. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

 by Casey Jurado Founder, Murrieta Arts Council
Name of Play: Bus Riley's Back in Town

“Intimate Theatre”, and the experience it really creates, was unknown to me previous to attending this performance. Sure I had been to stage plays, concerts, musical events, school plays, comic shows, etc. before, but this was something entirely different, something wonderful.

From the 12 person audience gathering outside and introducing themselves to one another, to literally rubbing shoulders while all of us being guided through the tiny entryway into a very small space, the “Intimate Theatre” experience had already begun.

Gregory Bach, the producer, director and talented man behind it all, personally and graciously ushered us in, his passion in sharing his art form obvious. We were seated into three rows of tiered chairs with the set literally within a few feet. The entire set is very detailed, visible, warm and well lit.

The lights soon dimmed, the back ground sound turned on and the first theatre actor strolled in and took his place behind the bar and turned on a vintage radio with a time period baseball game. I will leave my definition of the rest of the play for you to experience yourselves.

Defining the experience of Intimate Theatre is where I’ll keep my focus. This closeness and audience integration allows all of your senses and emotions to participate. Up close and personal, one is able to experience the visual benefits in seeing the set details, witness the actor’s facial expressions and recognize the period wardrobe. The opportunity to hear the emotions of voice tones, the dialect, the softening and increase in the background music, hearing the heavy heel of a shot glass or the bottom of a bottled beer being set on the bar top, the click of the Zippo lighter cap opening and roll of the flint wheel strike, the drop of a dime in the pay phone with the mechanical clanking and dinging. To share senses in this and feel the emotions this close is what makes this a unique and fully gratifying artistic experience. The opportunity to “see” and “hear” up close the actor’s facial expressions, their eyes, their body language, their real voices, not lost with the interference of amplification from mics and speakers, makes it real. The closeness to the actors allows you to feel, not just see the emotions expressed in the actor’s faces, the intimacy it creates, all of this, lost with a large audience and a distant stage.

For this to be actually happening in “Our Down Town” is truly a gift to this community. Thank you Gregory Bach for choosing this town, for your hard and dedicated work and for sharing your passion and profession with us!

Bravo Mr. Bach, Bravo!

 by Kristy Foote
Name of Play: Bus Riley's Back in Town

What a treat! Just go, you won't believe what happens from there.

 by Rick Irish
Name of Play: Bus Riley's Back in Town

A wonderful experience, I think Millennials would love this play, in this venue, just for the experience. The acting was off the charts GREAT, the whole cast in its entirety was awesome. I could not recommend this show or playhouse more.

 by Marilyn
Name of Play: Bus Riley's Back in Town

My Son, Husband and myself thoroughly enjoyed this play. The actors and actresses were the best. It was intimate and effective. Gregory Bach did an excellent job directing this play. We thoroughly loved this play, and can't wait for the next adventure at Murrieta's new theater.

 by Debbie Reynolds
Name of Play: Bus Riley's Back in Town

My sister and I attended the Saturday night performance Bus Riley's Back in Town. The small intimate theater made you feel like you were at the set watching the actors being filmed. What a thoroughly enjoyable evening and looking forward to their next production. This is something Old Town Murrieta has needed and hope to see people show their support.

 by Karen Robertson
Name of Play: Bus Riley's Back in Town

Opening night of Bus Riley's Back in Town at the Bach Theatre Co. on Friday night was the first ever performance in Historic Downtown Murrieta. I'm glad I was there. The actors were cast perfectly, the set amazing, the action up close and personal, the music made it feel like a movie, and it was easy to see that the director Gregory Bach put his whole heart into honing the actors and the action. Great play. I'm sure it will be a sell out every night!

 by Barbara Nogueira
Name of Play: Bus Riley's Back in Town

My friend and I saw the show last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am looking forward to seeing the next production.

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