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Bach Theatre Company, producers of the hit show Bus Riley’s back in Town, by William Inge is now casting for its next production, for opening November 2019. The play takes place in Little Italy, New York in the 80’s.

Looking for the following:

  • Italian New York types, males: 20-30
  • Females: 29-40
  • Experience not necessary, looking for the ‘Real Thing’

A comedy, folk tale & drama all rolled into characters you will fall in love with.

Call or text 818-292-3077 use our contact form or email

NOTE: We are offering workshops in film acting and directing and also a workshop for young adults (12-16) working with adult professionals. If interested please fill out our contact us form and we will get back to you.

Actors are not Artists, they are not Picassos, Mozarts. Acting is not an Artistic Gift, therefore what they are required to do on camera/stage is what they do naturally throughout the day. Actors are “Athletes” and that’s how they should be trained. For that reason, I do not Teach, I coach/train, the actor for MY Productions, their careers are not my concern, what they bring and give to the Bach Theatre Company and to my Audience is of grave importance to me.

Acting cannot be taught has always been my belief, it cannot be pushed or forced out, it resides in the deepest part of one’s being, in one’s soul, therefore it must “Flow Out,” it must come “Through” the actor, not from them.

When the actor is ready for the Bach Theatre Company Productions, they will be ready for and ready to work for any Film/Stage Director.


An Actor like all God’s creatures is made up of “Mind, Body & Soul.” But it is within the “Four Portals of Talent” that one Succeeds or Fails in their journey that triggers their “Passion” (the vehicle to all God given Gifts).  

These “Four Talent Portals” are:  Vocal-Intellect-Physical-Emotion (VIPE, created by the late Sal Dano).  

The “Tools” to open these Portals are what I call the “Five S’s:  Stillness-Simplicity-Subtlety-Silence-Secrecy. 

This is the “BASIC FOUNDATION” that each “Individual Student Actor” must first approach and it is in that “Basic Foundation” where “MISTAKES and FAILURES” Emerge and must be Confronted with “Repetition after Repetition after Repetition” until those “Mistakes and Failures” no Longer Exist.

It is the “COACHES/TRAINERS” job to confine the Student Actor in that “Basic Foundation” until the Actor’s own Wings take Flight.

To push and force the Student Actor to a place that does not yet exist, is to Smother the “Gift of Artistic Freedom” that dwells in every Actor’s “Soul, Mind and Body.”

 To reside in this “Basic Foundation” takes the necessity of  “PATIENCE & TRUST,” the “ESSENCE of NATURE” and until Technique no longer exist.                        

 Gregory Bach

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